Rc Adventures - Ttc Basic Training - Learning To Use A Scale Trail 4x4 Truck Pt1 Rc4wd Tf2



23 Jan 2013



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Title : Rc Adventures - Ttc Basic Training - Learning To Use A Scale Trail 4x4 Truck Pt1 Rc4wd Tf2
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Rc Adventures - Ttc Basic Training - Learning To Use A Scale, http://www.RCSparks.com - 1080p HD is the ONLY Way to view this! Letting my friend Everett learn how to Trail Truck.. this side hill is a great way to learn when wheel speed is necessary, and when you need to keep it cool on the throttle!

The Winter Months quickly approach us.. and Im getting my Military Gear together. This type of truck / colors will be awesome to film against the snow in the upcoming months! This truck is an RC4WD "Trail Finder 2". It's one of my favourite types of trucks as it has a 5000mah 2s GensAce Lipo, Tekin FXR ESC, and 35t Motor combo (brushed) a 2 Speed transmission, a Transfer case, and a great scale suspension setup. The Tires are Axial 1.9 Rims with 1.9 Flat Iron Tires from Proline Racing.

Some viewing this video may suggest my suspension setup is too stiff - but believe me, its dialled in to my personal choice. I have many trucks, and this one is setup for more Torsion, and Tire Flexing. I do not setup all of my trucks the same, as there is no challenge in that for me. If you notice, the front is a Dual Shock Setup. It is on purpose, for a stiffer ride. The Deep Snow is coming.. and suspensions always freeze up in the winter time cold. This truck is built to withstand the deeper snow, without sagging. This truck is 100% fully upgraded and I have already done a video series about the upgrades (links Below)

There is an Upgrade Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xtfw_No0iq0

Here is the Painting Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40vRO9-I8Wg

I made the paint Bubble Like Rust by heating it with a propane torch (Not shown in the video)

The Rack on the Back of the Truck is the "Contractors Rack", supplied at the RC4WD Store (Link below)

Yes, I am aware that i am carrying Guns, Propane, Gasoline, an Axe, and other volatile items clanking around in the box.. My driver risks death everyday...

Link to this Truck on RC4WD: http://store.rc4wd.com/Trail-Finder-2-Truck-Kit-wMojave-Body-Set_p_2108.html

Where I get my RC's Locally: http://www.PMHobbycraft.ca, my Hometown Hobby store! .

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